Diaspora Social Network Set to Rock the Internet!

Bored of Facebook? Twitter? Theres a new social network under development called Diaspora. I have been following the development of this exciting new project for over a year now. Next month (october 2011) they are set to send out all the invitations to people wanting to participate.

Sign up for an invite! ~ https://joindiaspora.com

The best features of Diaspora…

  • You own your information, photos, everything! Why should you have to give them up?
  • Diaspora lets you sort your connections into groups called aspects. This makes it perfect to share your information with people you intend.
  • Diaspora is simple. Why would you want to scan through pages of options just to keep your profile secure and private?

Preview of Diaspora…

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  1. I think you need to hurry to let people try Diaspora. I’m afraid you’re letting other social networks get way ahead of you. I’ve been waiting for a while, but now everybody in my family and friends are so much into Facebook, that in order for me to keep up with them, I’ll have to stay with Facebook, even though I really hate it…

  2. There already are diaspora pods (“network sites” using the diaspora software) running, and they are open for registration. Look them up at http://podupti.me and pick one! I’m on http://diasp.org, one of the larger ones. Diaspora is not a competator, bit a fundamental shift in the way social networks work. See you soon!

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