Eleven2 $10,000 Bracket Competition and March Madness Specials!



March madness is hitting Eleven2!  Sign up for our March madness bracket competition for a chance to win one of our four great prizes

$1,000  Now $10,000 for a perfect bracket!

– $100 Amazon gift card for having the top bracket in our competition

– $50 Amazon gift card for having the 2nd best bracket in our competition

– A free Eleven2 t-shirt (US only) for having the 3rd best bracket in our competition

No purchase is necessary and you can enter free at http://eleven2.mayhem.cbssports.com/e

Group Pass needed to join: eleven2hosting


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To go along with our bracket competition we are running an amazing March Madness special on web hosting, reseller hosting and virtual private servers.  Sign up with the coupon code MarchMadness  to save 40% off any web hosting or reseller hosting package on any term!  Use the coupon vps40off to save 40% off the first month on any virtual private server.  The coupons will remain active for all of March 2014.


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  1. I try to enter but say:
    This is a private fantasy league. You are logged in with userid ‘alex.smith@nekitoblack.net’, which does not have access to this league. If you think this is wrong, please contact the league commissioner and ask for an invite.

  2. it should ask for a group password it is “eleven2hosting” sorry we forgot to post that.

  3. No, I’m getting the same error as Nekitoblack. It’s asking us to log in with an email address and password to log into the CBS Sports site, so that we can play. We’re not even getting to the stage where we can enter a group password for the league.

  4. There is a register option, you will have to create a CBS sports account in order to join the group. We have had a few other signups so it should work after you register.


  5. No, I have a CBS Sports account. It’s not working. Try it yourself: try to go to eleven2.mayhem.cbssports.com, and log in with “zylofone@yahoo.com” and the password “ukbbc123”.

  6. Alternatively, can you try sending an invite specifically to that email address? Perhaps that will work.

  7. Sigh….not having heard anything back, I did a bunch of research online, and found the answer. Nekitoblack and others who are having that error message: the link Eleven2 provided is not correct. You have to add “/e” (no quotes) after the link they gave. So the full link should be this: http://eleven2.mayhem.cbssports.com/e

    You should then be taken to a page that simply asks for the group password, which is provided above. That’s all that’s needed.

    Eleven2, you should probably update your post.

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