SharkCenter 2.0 is coming!

The new SharkSpace client area and order management system are nearly completed. The new upgraded system will be easy to use and straight forward. It hopefully will be ready and in production by February 15th, 2007.

New bandwidth providers added to network.

The SharkSpace network added additional bandwidth providers and increased the amount of bandwidth that can be transferred through existing carriers. The SharkSpace network is currently using the following carrier/bandwidth providers:

Global Crossing

The addition of Global Crossing, will help increase speeds to countries outside the United States.

Reseller web hosting, what is it?

If you are new to hosting or just don’t know what reseller web hosting is, don’t worry you will now. Reseller hosting is simply buying in bulk and reselling for a profit. For example if you purchase 4 GB of storage space and 40 GB of bandwidth you could sell 40 accounts using 100 MB and 1 GB of bandwidth or in any other combination. Say if you charge $5 for the package having the resource allotment of 100 MB/ 1 GB you could bring in $200/month gross, while the reseller account would cost you less than $20/month. That comes out to be $180 profit a month. Not bad at all.

Ok, now that you understand the economics of reseller web hosting I will explain how it works system wise. The server owner manages the server and maintains upgrades/software/hardware etc. The server owner then sells off the web space to you the owner of the reseller account. The majority of servers have a control panel for you to manage all the accounts you create or resell. In SharkSpace’s case we use Cpanel with WHM (the reseller side of Cpanel) You can demo it here:

So basically reseller web hosting is like having a dedicated server without all the responsibility of keeping it up and maintaining upgrades. It is an easy way to manage large numbers of personal accounts or a great way to get you started as a web host for a very small investment.

Plesk web hosting? DirectAdmin web hosting?

SharkSpace currently offers the leading control panel Cpanel, but what about second and third in line Plesk and DirectAdmin? Currently neither are supported by SharkSpace, but they are in serious consideration. The user demand for Plesk and DirectAdmin is currently no where near that of Cpanel. Perhaps when they both reach the development stage that Cpanel is in, then there will be a good chance that SharkSpace will offer product lines featuring them.

Why not offer them now?
If SharkSpace offered them now, we would need to hire a specialty staff that is trained in their use. This would not be cheap, but would be manageable if there was high demand for the products. The problem is there demand is not currently that high.

Another reason is Plesk is more expensive than Cpanel, but has less features. I’m not sure how many clients would go on a more expensive package to have less.

The waiting game.
SharkSpace will someday offer all the leading control panels so every user can take advantage of the great service SharkSpace offers, but when that time will be is controlled by the product development and user demand.

SharkSpace cPanel Clustered Hosting is Coming!

The future of cpanel web hosting is only a few months away. There currently is a beta cpanel cluster that we are testing that has load balancing, multiple apache applications, multiple mysql applications and much more. To start, the cluster will consist of 10-15 servers, which will make downtime a thing of the past.

As our client base grows, so will the cluster size. The amount of servers that can be added is not limited. The setup will be similar to what large sites such as Google, Ebay, Amazon etc. use except it will function with the world’s most popular control panel cpanel.

How far off is the release date?
I don’t have an exact date, but if all goes well we would like to push a test version onto the market in 3-5 months. A stable product should be ready in 7-12 months.

Will this be affordable?
The answer is yes! The cpanel cluster packages have not been made yet, but they will start under $20/month.

Whats the next big thing coming to SharkSpace?

A very interesting question. We do have some big plans coming up for SharkSpace, but we can reveal them quite yet. I can although tell you about some of the things that are in the works now and are almost complete.

A new E-commerce only package that will include a dedicated IP address, SSL certificate and enough storage space and bandwidth to effectively run a business.

After that release Continue reading

Where does SharkSpace stand on security?

One of the most important aspects of SharkSpace is our strong stance on server security. I will try to go in as much detail as possible about our unique system without giving away too much information that could come back and haunt us. (speaking of haunt, its Halloween! Happy Halloween everyone.)

To start I will go into the main aspects of the system. There is a firewall to block server ports, IP address etc. and to notify us of any unwanted activity on any of the servers. Next we have a brute force detection system that will block automated bots from trying millions of login passwords until they find one that fits your account. The system automatically logs all this activity and will block the bot from the server after Continue reading

Why the name change?

I know its been a few months since we changed the company name from SJR Hosting to SharkSpace, but we still get asked the question a few times a week. The answer is, it was a move to secure the future of the company. With the old name the company could only grow so large. People had trouble remembering if we were SJR Hosting, SRJ Hosting or JRS Hosting. We heard this time and time again from current clients, multiple that by thousands of visitors and think of all the lost sales we had because people forgot the company name. We just had to face it, SJR Hosting just is not a brand-able name.

After months a research and polls we purchased a gem of a name SharkSpace. Now who cannot remember that? Based on a survey we ran Continue reading

The SharkBlog… What is it?

SharkSpace opened the SharkBlog to help increase the communications between SharkSpace and our clients. The SharkBlog will be the posting grounds for SharkSpace news, articles and thoughts. Whenever something somewhat important happens at SharkSpace we will post it here in the SharkBlog. That includes things we are working on, things we completed, future plans etc.

From time to time we will also be posting our thoughts on web hosting related topics.  If you want to stay in the circle about SharkSpace make sure to check out the SharkBlog whenever you get a chance.  I promise we will try and keep our posts interesting and perhaps even exciting (not sure how that can be done on the topic of web hosting, but we will try).