Keep your computer secure the free way!

In today’s online e-commerce marketplace you need to keep you computer secure to protect your credit card data or other personal information online. I have complied a list of four excellent free software programs to protect you from viruses, spyware and intrusion attempts. ————— Virus Protection and Removal ————— First and most important for you […]

Ubuntu (the free linux operating system) guides and resources.

Ubuntu is a complete Linux based operating system that is user friendly and free to use. I’ve put together a list of links you should know about if you use Ubuntu or plan on switching to it. ————- Installation and Ubuntu Forums ————- Downloading and Installing Ubuntu – directly download your copy from Ubuntu. Installing […]

New bandwidth providers added to network.

The SharkSpace network added additional bandwidth providers and increased the amount of bandwidth that can be transferred through existing carriers. The SharkSpace network is currently using the following carrier/bandwidth providers: Internap SAVVIS Global Crossing Verio AboveNet The addition of Global Crossing, will help increase speeds to countries outside the United States.