Best of The Web April 2011

I have seen some pretty amazing things happening online this April. So we thought we would share with you a few of our ramblings. Feel free to comment with any other stuff you guys have found “cool” online over the previous month. Also, if you didn’t see the eleven2 April Fools site {click}.

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12 Fantastic Examples of Web Form Designs

Being the Creative Director here at eleven2, I have to make sure I’m fully up to date on all the latest web trends, and this can often mean spending a bit of time reading through popular web design blogs such as and Also, looking at CSS web galleries can be good for web design inspiration, when your stuck on a specific idea, or want to see what others have done.

I have compiled a small showcase this afternoon of a few form designs used on websites that I think rock! Let me know which ones you like the best.

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Our hopes for the iPad 2

Here at eleven2 we love the ipad, heck we love everything apple makes (Minus the Apple TV). So you can imagine our excitement to hear about the latest apple event happening tomorrow! Hopefully with the absence of Steve Jobs while he is wrapping himself in seaweed and doing yoga, apple will be able to crank out an impressive new ipad. So we just wanted to take some time and explain what we think will and will not be happening with this new ipad.

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Apple Valentine’s Day Email Design

Valentines Day is coming up, and I keep getting emails from Apple, as per usual. As a designer I’ve noticed how they use their products to sell for certain events and times of the year.

I love how their email design is so minimal in terms of design, but it works too well. What do you think?

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How Would You Like Your Graphic Design?

Being the Creative Director at eleven2 means I’m always rambling around the web looking at all sorta of wired and wonderful design stuff. Heres something I came across this morning, which caught my eye, and its actually so true.

This was designed by Colin Harman and you can buy this in a large poster from his online web store.