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A timely and accurate billing solution can enable you to increase the speed, capacity and accuracy of your customer care and billing operations. It is very important to automate and streamline billing processes in order to Continue reading

How to understand your website traffic?

Ok, you have launched your online business and also spent money on ads and publicity. Now the question arises as to how effective your marketing has been and whether your site is reaching the right audience. This is where your website statistics tools come in. Nowadays various Web statistics tools can provide you with flood of information. It is up to you to analyze and use them to your advantage. Some common terms associated with Web statistics are:

Hits: Hits refer to the number of times that a page, image, or file on your site is viewed or downloaded by someone.

Visits: It gives you’re the number of each new incoming visitor to the web page who was not on your website during the last 60 to 90 minutes

Uniques: It refers to number of client hosts that come to visit the site and visit at least one page.

Most control panels like cPanel come with inbuilt tools like Awstats, Webalizer which provide you with easy to understand data. Apart from above give data, you can also get information as to from which country is your site most viewed from, the most popular page on your site, bandwidth consumption, and lots more.

If you want to keep your site up in popularity ranks then you definitely need to make use of these statistics about your Website traffic.

Setting up Your Mail Server

Most spammers take advantage of the default address settings of your account whereby the mail will still reach your account even if the address is wrong. This causes large Influx of spams and will take your valuable disk space.

There are 2 options for dealing with this

1. Setting default address as :blackhole: – This will let us first allow the mail to reach your server, accept it, validate it and throw it if it has a non-existent address. The drawback of this is it still consumes your server’s valuable bandwidth and processing time.

2. Setting default address as: fail: – This will stop the mails from entering the server in the first place and send a bounce message back to the sender. This method is more preferable as it saves the server’s resources and thus keeps it performing even under spam attacks.

Backing up your websites backups.

Nothing can be more devastating than losing your site overnight. This can happen due to being hacked, accidentally deleting some part of entire data from your hosting account or simply due to server crash. Incidents Continue reading

Why not to choose web hosts that offer unlimited bandwidth or space?

First off there is no such thing as unlimited. The servers are limited by the amount of resources they have, the connection they are on and the size of their harddrive they use. Last time I checked there was no such thing as an unlimited harddrive, that’s like saying I have a bottomless pit and can eat as much as I want. Everything has limits.

The modern day average server has around 1,000 to 2,000 GB worth of bandwidth per month (key word “average”) and has a 80 GB harddrive also the average. Well if there is such a thing as an unlimited hosting plan for wee amounts of money, why would anyone get a dedicated server for their personal sites and pay an arm and a leg. We have sites in the SJR Network that could fill the 80 GB harddrive on that average server; that means we would need an entire server just for one site. Now how would a host make any money if they could only put one site that pays let say $3 a month per server when the server costs 100 times more than that. The truth is they cant, unlimited hosting plans are just a quick gimmick to gain as many hosting customers as possible.

Most hosts that offer unlimited plans are brand new themselves. They may get by having unlimited plans for a short while until the sites on their unlimited plans start using the resources they paid for. I could go on and on, but I will till you the final outcome right now. Downtime! Server Crashes! Lost Data! and the demise of your hosting provider. That’s why here at SharkSpace we don’t oversell and we don’t offer unlimited hosting plans. We are here for our customers and plan to make their stay as enjoyable as possible.

How to make a robots.txt?

When optimizing your web site most webmasters don’t consider using the robots.txt file.This is a very important file for your site. It let the spiders and crawlers know what they can and can not index. Continue reading

Backing up your website.

Backing up your web site is perhaps the most important thing you can do, but it is one of the most least done. Even if your host provides daily backups, make sure to make your own. They don’t need to be daily, but every time you do a big update or feel you have changed some things that if lost you couldn’t redo make a backup! Working in the hosting business for many years I have come across hundreds of people that have lost everything at their old hosts, and had Continue reading

How does a domain work?

You use domain name every time, you try access a web page on the internet or every time you try sending an email to someone. It is very important to understand why domain names are used. Basically all the computers on the internet have their IP address using which other computers access data on that computer. But, since IP address is made up Continue reading

How to choose the right domain?

What exactly is a domain name? It’s a substitute for an IP address of a machine, which stores contents of a web site. If you choose to have your presence on the internet by way of a web site, its very important to Continue reading