Ubuntu (the free linux operating system) guides and resources.

Ubuntu is a complete Linux based operating system that is user friendly and free to use. I’ve put together a list of links you should know about if you use Ubuntu or plan on switching to it.

————- Installation and Ubuntu Forums ————-

Downloading and Installing Ubuntu – directly download your copy from Ubuntu.

Installing Ubuntu on a machine with no CDROM drive – no cd drive? No problem you still can install Ubuntu using this guide.

Unofficial Starter Guide – an excellent resource for beginners.

Ubuntu Forums – the Ubuntu forums are an excellent place to get help or to talk to others using Ubuntu. It is also a great place to find new third party modules/hacks.

————- Important Guides and Resources ————-

HOW-TO: Compile Avant Window Navigator – very nice guide on how to get the avant window navigator working on Ubuntu.

Run Your Existing Windows Installation on Ubuntu with Vmware Player – an easy method to run both Windows and Ubuntu.

Clean up your Ubuntu install – a very nice guide detailing what unneeded stuff can be removed from Ubuntu.

How to install programs in Ubuntu – need help installing programs on your new Ubuntu installation? Well this guide just saved the day.

Steps to Upgrading Ubuntu To The Next Release – general steps on how to upgrade to the latest Ubuntu.

Ubuntu tweaks – 6 excellent Ubuntu tweaks including: Speed up your File System, Concurrent Booting, Swapping, Broadband Internet, IPv6 and Boot Profile.

How to enable DVD playback – nice guide on how to enable dvd playback on your Ubuntu install.

How to Mount a Remote Folder – how to connect and mount a remote folder on a different system.

How to gracefully reboot your Ubuntu system during a lockup – title says it all.

Locking down Ubuntu and keeping it secure – a guide explaining important steps in keeping your Ubuntu install secure.

Enable WPA Wireless access point – turn Ubuntu into a wireless access point.

How To Compile A Kernel – need a custom kernel? Here is a guide on how to compile a Ubuntu kernel.

How to back up and restore your Ubuntu machine – an easy to follow guide detailing possible methods to backup and restore Ubuntu.