How to get the perfect domain

If you are just starting out and are looking to purchase a domain name you will want to take the following points into consideration:

#1 — Keep your domain short and easy to remember.
Don’t use extremely long domains like ex. instead just use ex. or perhaps even an abbreviation such as There are no longer any three letter .com domains available, but there still are a lot of four and five letter domains available to register.

#2 — Use your business name as your domain name.
The more you use your business name the more successful you will be. Don’t use a domain such as ex. webhostingservices.tld when your company name is ex. SharkSpace You want to use your business name so people remember it.

#3 — Don’t use numbers in your domain.
If you register a domain with numbers people will get confused if the domain is ex. or ex.

#3.1 — Don’t use “to” or “for” in your domain.
Same as above, people wont know if your domain has a to or 2 or a two.

#4 — Don’t use hyphenated domain names.
Although hyphenated domain names maybe good for people putting up keyword farms they are not good for business or other websites. If your domain is ex. it would be much better to use ex. or
The hyphen will break up the words in the domain, but it also makes it pretty hard to remember or make brandable.

#5 — Use a brandable domain.
You will need to use a domain that people will remember. Ex. used to be called but people couldn’t remember if it was RJS or SRJ. It was also extremely difficult to promote a non brandable domain. When you look at the majority of the Internet’s top websites they all have catchy easy to remember domains. Just remember to be creative, there are still thousands and thousands of brandable domains available.

#6 — If all else fails buy a domain that is already registered.
Since so many of the great domains are already registered you may need to think about purchasing one. You can look for domains at sites such as:

#7 — Register all tlds and domain misspellings.
If you are using the domain that you have chosen for a business or important website it is always best to register all tlds (ex. .net, .org, .us, etc) and any misspellings of the domain. Believe me its cheaper to buy them right away then to buy them later from a domain hoarder. Once you purchase the domains simply 301 redirect them to your main domain.