Backing up your website.

Backing up your web site is perhaps the most important thing you can do, but it is one of the most least done. Even if your host provides daily backups, make sure to make your own. They don’t need to be daily, but every time you do a big update or feel you have changed some things that if lost you couldn’t redo make a backup! Working in the hosting business for many years I have come across hundreds of people that have lost everything at their old hosts, and had no choice, but to start completely over from scratch. So many times that could have been prevented by taking a weekly or even a monthly backup.

Making backups of your web sites is so simple. If you have cPanel as your hosting control panel all you need to do is login and click backup —-> generate complete backup ——> Download the backup. That will backup all your files plus all your databases and it only takes a minute. If you don’t have cPanel just login via ftp and download a copy of your public_html folder (can be named different) and then login to phpmyadmin and export all of your databases to you hard drive. Simply select the database from the left side drop down box and then click export ——> save file as—-> Done.

Do that for all your databases and you will have a complete backup of your site. Its just much too easy to not do. Its better to spend 10 minutes a week backing up your data then having to rebuild your web site if something drastic happens.