Choosing Your Web Design

Your website design reflects your personality. If it’s a corporate site it displays the company’s attitude and the way it projects itself. You have unlimited options as far as design is concerned. If you are a newbie, you can download some free templates from internet and get started using simple tools like FrontPage or Dreamweaver . If you are building a simple information site, you can use plain HTML to build the site. Tools like FrontPage even do that for you using drag and drop technique. If you have some programming knowledge and are willing to spend some time, you can start writing scripts in ASP, php, Perl, or DotNet.

You may need to ask your host as to which languages are supported on the server. Finally you can also employ Flash generated graphics to give a smooth and impressive look to your site design. It would also help you greatly, if you study a few already built sites before getting down to actually building one. With proper planning and execution you can have the site, which you were always dreaming of.