How to choose the right domain?

What exactly is a domain name? It’s a substitute for an IP address of a machine, which stores contents of a web site. If you choose to have your presence on the internet by way of a web site, its very important to register a domain name for your web site. Companies who do registration of the domain names are known as registrars.
How to choose a domain name and what to keep in mind while choosing a domain name?

It is very important that you choose a domain name that is relevant to the web site you wish to set up. Most appropriate domain name could be the company name of your business or it could be something related to the business you conduct and wish to have it presence online. The domain name should be kept as small as possible since it will be lot easier for people to remember your website. It is better to have short and simple name for the domain, which is both relevant to the business as well as easy to remember.

The domain name extension or TLD (i.e. Top Level Domain) is also very important part of the domain name. A TLD like ‘.Com’ will easy to remember since it’s the most commonly used extension. You can also have something like ‘.Biz’, ‘.Org’ etc. if you find them relevant to your business, but it might help to choose the most common one.