How to buy a Pig!

I’m not one to go out in cowboy boots that often, but I have been known to wear them a time or two. What better time and place to wear cowboy boots than at a local high school FFA event? Eleven2 has always sought to give back to the community. So, we took this opportunity to go spend a day supporting Klein ISD’s FFA auction. There were a lot of kids in their blue jackets running around with their animals with the goal of winning some sort of prize or something. After all the prizes were awarded, an auction was held and all money was given to the kids of the FFA. We took this opportunity to bid on some select animals. At first we were just throwing numbers out so we could saw we had actually bid on something before. …Then we met “Babe.” Yes, though she was a pig, we thought, “She’s the one!” Without much time, we got the winning bid on “Babe,” took some pictures with her, and the rest is history! I don’t really have much to say other than the following:

1. Go buy a pig. You know you want one.
2. Have a kid take care of it, because you know you don’t have the time to do so.
3. Buy cowboy boots. You will thank you later.
4. When you go to your next FFA fair, tell them Eleven2 sent you!
5. Pigs smell.

With that, have a good day.