iPhone, Love it? Hate it?

With the release of the iphone 3g and the iPhone 2.0 upgrade there has been alot of negative responces about them both like the worst battery life ever, droped calls,  calls don’t come through, apps crashing, and even rumors of a 3g recall! and the list goes on and on!  But some features work and they rock! Like Microsoft Exchange support,  We love exchange to have instant push on email, contacts, and calenders is just awesome!  So awesome we bought out our Microsoft Exchange provider 360dart.com.  Another plus side to the new software is 3rd party application support!  I love the applications it makes my phone way cooler being able to do some of the things I can do.  Want to know what they are?  Here is a list of my top 10 free applications!

10.  Remote.
Apple released this simple app to assist you in controlling your iTunes with your iPhone via wi-fi so I can now controll my iTunes from accross the room whenever I need.  Another good use for this is when someone is using your computer and you just want to blast them out and have a good laugh.

9. myLighter.
Ok so it seems like every concert I go to these days the band allways asks us to hold out our cell phones and it will be cool looking.  What happend to the good ol days where we busted out our lighters and held them up for 14 minutes during freebird at a  Lynyrd Skynrd concert?  Is it because of this new fad to be “green” and keep the polar ice caps from melting?  Well Al Gore fans, download this app and keep the polar bears happy!

8. urbanspoon.
If your anything like us here at eleven2, you can never decide where to go grab lunch.  This helpful app solves that issuse buy determining your location and randomly decides where you are to go for lunch.  Never heard of the restraunt?  Well you can also look up reviews, and contact information.  This app can be kind of a pain when it always gives you that small town backyard grill to go to, but then again you asked for it.

7. WordPress.
Well for all you wordpress users out there this app is for you!  You can now write posts and upload photos making it super easy to blog on the go!  You can even generate a preview of your post!  With support for wordpress.com blogs and self hosted blogs this is the best blogging tool for the iPhone yet!

6. AIM.
These days it seems when anyone is not out of there house they are on AIM.  Well now you can be on AIM 24/7.  However I recomend you don’t use this while driving only bad things could come of this!  This app will soon inprove when apple releases there instant push system so you can not be using the app and still get your Instent messages!

5. WeatherBug.
This app blows the native weather app on the iPhone out of the water!  Not only can you get a weekly forcast you can get the percentage chance of rain, heat index, humidity level (currently at 83% in Houston…yeah it sucks we know!)  You can even get a radar image, and view local weather web cams!

4. Shazam.
Have you ever been listening to the radio and you hear a “fat beat” or a “sweet guitar lick” and wonder who is this?  How can I download this awesome music?  Well with this app you can have your phone listen to the a piece of a song and then it will tell you all the information about the song and even provide links to the iTunes store where you can download it!

3. CubeRunner.
This is the most addictive game I have ever played!  I really have played it for about an hour with out stoping to do something else just because I need to beat my high score to prove to myself that I am the best!  So get this game and clear out your schedule because you will be busy for a while with this!

2. Twitterrifc.

Twitter fans?  We are!  This app makes it supper easy to update your twitter and to see what all your pals are doing at the same time.  You can also upload pics to show people even update your location.  If it weren’t for the Ads on this free app it would be number one!

1. Facebook.
The best social network brought to the iPhone!  If your like me you wonder why they needed an app if they had a great iphone mobile site.  Well there are plenty reasons number one being facebook chat!  Facebook chat is great and now its on the iphone.  This app has great functionality,  It works how you would want facebook to work.  Another great feature is mobile uploads, you can now take pictures and upload them directly to your facebook for all of your friends to see!

So there it is the top 10!  So get to the app store and try them out!

Don’t have an iPhone?  Do you want a free one?  Well we are giving one away! I know what your thinking you have given 2 away already.   We just had to again, since we launched our new affilaite program! So yes, we are giving away a new iPhone! To whoever brings in the most affilaite signups through September 31, 2008 will win a brand new Black or White 16GB iPhone!