Can we trust Kevin Rose?

Kevin Rose, Founder of, announced last week on the following:

  • Revamp of entire iPod line.
  • Small cosmetic changes to Touch, Nano to see significant redesign.
  • iPods to see fairly large price drops to distance itself from the $199 iPhone.
  • iPod touch 2.1 software, iPhone to get update very soon after.
  • iTunes 8.0 (”it’s a big update w/new features”).
  • All of this coming in the next 2-3 weeks.

Now I am a huge Apple guy and news like this is always awesome!  I just wish it came from someone who has a little bit more credibility when it comes to this.  Now Kevin did announce the intel core 2 duo macbook and macbook pros correctly, gaining all apple geeks trust for any apple rumors but anyone could have told you that!  Not long after came Kevin’s announcement about the first iPhone features which were:

  • Coming in January to all providers
  • 2 batteries (1 MP3, 1 Phone)
  • 2 capacities (4GB & 8GB)
  • Prices will run $249 & $449
  • Flash memory (surprise)
  • Slide out keyboard
  • Touchscreen (on outside)
  • “Cool” OS

Just in case you know nothing about the iPhone,  that was wrong!  Then kevin went and drank some of his “special” tea and forgot about this situation and decided yet again he should tell us what to expect in the 2nd generation iPhone  He told us that we would have a front camera on the iPhone that would let us video conference with iChat on the and yet again time would disprove Kevin’s prediction.

These new rumors with the iPod nano changing, a complete revamp of iTunes, and lower ipod prices would be awesome. So keep your eye on apple for 2-3 weeks and pray that Kevin can salvage his reputation for leads on what apple is doing behind the scenes.   Let us know what you think and vote on our poll!