Fighting IKE

As hurricane IKE is now only a few hours away eleven2 has taken every precaution necessary! If you did not receive the email update from Rodney feel free to check it out in our forum.  I thought I would just blog and assure you that eleven2 is still very much functioning,  I am taking shelter north west of Houston in The Woodlands TX.   I thought I would show you some of the cool things that allow me to track the storm, and still work efficiently.

  1. Apple iMac 
    This is the computer I work off of on a daily basis at the eleven2 head quarters.  This extreamly powerful yet very easily transported computer has allowed me to pack up my work gear with relative ease and set up  here where I am taking shelter.
  2. Spaces
    With the release of apple’s most powerful operating system “Leopard” came the handy feature of Spaces.  This allows me to have as many as 16 virtual desktops.  This allows me to work with multiple windows, multiple applications in a clutter free desktop!
  3. Storm Pulse
    This is the website that I am using to monitor the path of the storm.  This is by far the coolest weather interface I have seen online.
  4. iPhone
    Well we all know how awesome the iPhone is but it is going to be my most essential tool of communication if I experience any power outages.

Please only submit Critical issue during this time.  Thanks for all your support while we work through this storm!