Why I love electricity!

I am sitting in my neighbors house right now sucking some juice from there generator as my house is now sitting 6 days without power. I have some power lines down in my backyard right now, but are very blessed to only have that as the extent of my damage at my house. Allot of people in the Houston area were not that lucky from Hurricane Ike.

After going 6 days and counting without electricity, I begin to appreciate how important it is. Electricity unlike Internet or Cable is not something that you want to switch around or get a better feature, it only works or doesn’t in this case.

This past week has been a odd week, I have been working at my parents house, which only 2 miles away does have electricity or at my fiance Lauren’s house, which also has electricity. We have also made a trip up to college station a number of times where Jon and a team of employees are working full time keeping things rolling here at E2. So ya, it has been allot of chaos, allot of uncertainty in our work hours, but number one, we never went offline in a major storm!!!