E2 Blog Contest Entry- The Madhouse

These last weeks have been simply crazy, and that’s the only reason I write this now, and not a moth ago. Anyway, it’s always good to think about crazy things, because that’s how crazy jokes are born, and today the time has come for a little funny story about a madhouse, the loony guys there, and some apples…

The story goes like this: in a madhouse, the doctor in charge wasn’t really happy about his patients’ behavior, so he decided to study the effect of various fruits on his patients. Once he added apples to their meals, everything became nice and quiet. He was extremely happy, and already starting to check their files once again, thinking about the day when some of them should be sent home.

Unfortunately, crisis struck, and funding has been cut. Not the crisis we’re been going through lately, just some fictional crisis…you’re aware this is only a story, right? Good, let’s continue! So, no funding, less spending, and no more apples.

One evening, when visiting his patients, the doctor noticed there was no light, and the light bulbs were all gone! Just as a side note, he also tried some cromotherapy, and the patients had yellow light.

“What happened to the light bulbs?”

“We ate those yellow apples, they were awesome!”

This surely gave our poor doctor a sleepless night, but he ended up using some red light bulbs he tried during his cromotherapy period, since red light usually gives headaches, and maybe that way his patients would become peaceful and quiet, once again. Unfortunately, there are also red apples, so it’s obvious what happened.

After a few days spent thinking about what should be done, the doctor had a brilliant idea – this time, he used green light! We also need to mention that the loonies were extremely irritated by white light, so using regular light bulbs was not an option. These being said, green light bulbs have been installed, and days started going by without any incident.

One evening, the doctor visited one of the larger rooms in the madhouse, only to find all people inside staring at the light bulbs around them, so he asked:

“What are you doing?”

“These apples are green. We’re waiting for them to ripe, we can’t eat unripe apples!”