May 2009 Update

May has been a busy month, very eventful and allot of very awesome things coming down the pipeline. Lets get right to them.

cPanel Beta
We have had a very successful beta launch of our new Control Panel design. It is awesome and we truly believe it is the best in the industry and cannot wait to get this out in the new few weeks. We are finishing up a few browser compatibility issues and then it is live! 

Chief Uptime Officer
Due to our rapid pace growth in both customers and infrastructure, we have created a new position, which has just been filled. Our new Chief Uptime Officer is responsible for doing a complete intensive investigation into any downtime to any of our servers that last more than 5 minutes or any on-going issues, so we can get a final fix implemented, ultimately giving our customers the best possible uptime and hosting experience. We are rolling out a very expensive and extensive monitoring system that brings our monitoring from almost 30 checks up to about 100 checks per minuets. This gives our network operations team a better idea of what is going with each server at any given time of the day. We are very confident in what we are rolling out and will be proving this here shortly when this is implemented with a guaranteed SLA. We hope to have this completed and rolled out in early July.

Backup System 2.0
Lets face it, servers die, hard drives die, somethings are beyond our control, it happens when we have hundreds and servers and even thousands of hard drives running on our network like we do. We have been using a commercial backup software for the last few years that has been nothing but decent. It backed up well, but did not restore fast enough, or sometimes not at all, when we most needed it. We have since thrown that in the trash can and have completed a custom in-house backup system. We are very excited about this and actually had to to use the other day in real-life scenario, while we hated the fact we had to use it, we were excited it only took 2 hours to restore a entire server, that is unheard of in the shared & reseller hosting industry. We are aiming at a 2 hour max recovery on all systems.

Our growth has been crazy over the past year. We have added 30% more shared servers in the past month and are ordering even more at the moment to keep up with our growth and what I am going to discuss next. We are very excited about our growth and we thank our great technical support and customer service departments for serving our customers and ensuring our customers are completely satisfied. 

June is Big
2 years ago, it was July, this year is is June. Be checking our website every day during the month of June, we have some things that are very excited that are coming soon. I cannot let the cat out of the bag yet, but it is huge and definitely ground shaking for the whole web hosting community. We are going to be putting our company in a new league of its own and feel the rest will be years behind what is coming here shortly. Keep checking back, daily, or sometimes a few times a day!

As always, if you ever have any questions/comments/concerns in general about Eleven2, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime, [email protected] or call me at my extension: 1-866-ELEVEN2 x111