Free Accounts for Student Developers

We are really excited to announce a new program we are starting up for the summer. We know with school out there are a lot of students out there with a little time on their hands to work on their own projects. So with this in mind we’ve decided to issue a limited number of free accounts for any student with an idea that they want to work on. These ideas can be anything from a photoblog or community forum to a web-app or game mod, maybe even the next Twitter.

Eleven2 was formed by designers and developers and so whenever we see those kind of people make up are user base it has a natural tendency to excite us. We love seeing the incredible creativity of our clients come through. All of us have been students at one point. We know that its not always easy to justify the cost of a website when your trying to save money for your education and so for us to be able to remove that creative obstacle is, for us, a very cool thing. We’re incredibly excited to see the kind of work that that students are going to create with this opportunity, and happy to think that eleven2 will have some part of that.

We’ll be here to help you flesh out your idea, or give you any help we can.

Students wishing to participate in the program should email a brief summery of their project idea to [email protected] along with a their name and the name of the school they currently attend. There are a limited number of accounts that will be provided in the program, and participation in the program is at the sole discretion of eleven2.