Password and Security Enhancements

We are making 4 noteable modifications to our password and login procedures, which are very great to our customers, however we know with any change that affects thousands and thousands of customers, it will create some backlash and we are okay with as this is a great benefit for all of our customers.

1. Increased Password Strength
No more using ‘password’ as your password or ‘puppy’. We are increasing our strength to use real passwords as one exploited user could potentially affect other customers, thus we will not allow this going forward. We understand we are only as strong as our weakest link and we are now increasing our weakest link to a very strong link!

2. Required Password Updates – Every 180 Days
The title says it all. We are now forcing all customers to update your password every 180 days. This is a great security policy we hope everyone already takes part of, but now we are simply requiring this as part of our continued security commitment to our customers.

3. Reseller Login Switch
In the past someone could use the main reseller password, for our reseller customers only, to login to any of their sub accounts. While this is a very convenient, we have seen far too many times a reseller get compromised, which in turns compromises all the accounts under that reseller. This feature has been permanently disabled. If you wish to have this available, you would need one of our cloud or dedicated servers, however, we highly discourage this feature going forward.

4. Main Password Usage
In the past some servers allowed you to use the main ‘cPanel’ password for things such as e-mail, mysql. From now one, while you can use the same password, it does need to independently set.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do contact our 24×7 Support Team at or as always, you can always leave a comment here.


Rodney Giles