Eleven2 implementing CloudLinux & Litespeed!

We are in the process of rolling out Litespeed Web Server and Cloudlinux Operating System for all Shared & Reseller customers! This is a great improvement for all customers. I will go further and explain the details of each.

First of all, both Litespeed and Cloudlinux are designed to improve both our performance and uptime on all servers, however, this will cause issues for less than 0.5% of our customer base, based on our extensive testing. This really falls into what we call the 99% and the 1%.

In shared hosting, as you already know, we put multiple sites on each server, this causes no problems at all, most of the time. Some of the times the 1% as we will call them here, will adversely affect the 99% of accounts which are not causing any issues, while we value both the 1% and 99%, we do have to draw the line in the sand somewhere and start limiting the 1% of accounts that are causing performance issues, downtime, and other issues which adversely affect the 99%. Cloudlinx + Litespeed is that solution.


Cloudlinux quite simply puts a cage around all customers in terms of resource allocation, such as: CPU %, CPU Core Limit, Memory Usage. We have tested extensively on thousands and thousands and have found a great balance that most sites, at least sites that are designed for shared hosting work great with.

Our limits are set as:

         CPU Limit: 25% of a single CPU core per single account
         Memory Limit: 2GB per single account

We are very excited about the CloudLinux addition and have already seen a large increase in uptime and performance on the servers which this is implemented on.

Litespeed Web Server

Litespeed is a drop in replacement of Apache. Apache is the most popular web-server on the internet today, it is the part that actually powers your website. Litespeed allows us to replace Apache, and use the same configuration files, however, Litespeed provides for over a 600% increased performance in static files and over 50% increase in performance for PHP based applications, such as WordPress, etc.

We have no ‘set’ limits per say in Litespeed that would affect any customers other than our normal throttling, if anyone is reaching these limits, they defiantly should not be on a shared account in the first place. We have actually not seen any widespread indicators to show any of our clients are getting anywhere remotely close to anything with Litespeed. There have been  a few PHP/.htaccess changes from Apache, but we will address those in our FAQ below.


Both Cloudlinux and Litespeed are not cheap for us as a provider to provide to our clients at no additional cost, we are spending 10’s of thousands of dollars more on implementing this for the better of our clients, which is our #1 priority.

We ask that you work with us to get any issues that do arrise from any of these migrations, as we are committed to solving your issues for the long run, that will be better for you in the longrun here.


1. Are you charging us more per account due to the additional of Litespeed + Cloudlinux?
Absolutely not. We are eating this additional cost as we always want to provide our customers with the best uptime and performance.

2. Can you move me to a server with Apache and without CloudLinux?
We cannot. If you wish to be on a server without Litespeed or Apache, we would suggest one of our Cloud Servers, which we can customize to your needs.

3. Is my site really going to load much faster than before?
Definitely! Did you also know that Google now ranks your site in the search listings with speed of page load as a factor for their ranking algorithm?

4. Can I make custom changes to my PHP.ini variables still?
Yes, you would need to use the format such as the following in your .htaccess file in your site:

php_value memory_limit 128M
php_value max_execution_time 3600
php_value post_max_size 5M
php_value upload_max_filesize 5M

If you have any further questions, please post below and I will try to update the FAQ’s with some of the common questions.