Earn a $10k Affiliate Bonus, or Smaller $250 Bonus!

In June, we did a small affiliate prize where if any affiliates referred 10 or more clients, then they would bag themselves a free Apple iPad! A few affiliates reached over 10+ referrals, and have their iPads in the post.

We really like to award our affiliates, and this month we have decided to go even Bigger and Better!

$10,000 Affiliate Bonus:

How does $10,000 sound? That could get you a nice car, perhaps pay some of your mortgage off, or even sit in a savings account earning you interest! Either way, it’s a nice sum of money to be given away ON TOP of your normal affiliate payout!

If you refer, 100 people to eleven2 in the month of August 2012, you can bag a $10,000 Bonus!

$250 Affiliate Bonus:

Not feeling like going for the 100 sales mark? Don’t worry! We also have something for our smaller affiliates. Refer 10 people to eleven2 in the month of August 2012 and receive a $250 bonus, on top of your normal affiliate payout!

Get more Referrals:

Here are some tips to help you refer more clients to Eleven2:

– Include your affiliate link in your newsletters to your visitor base.

– Write reviews of Eleven2 services on your website, blog, facebook, twitter, etc. We have hundreds of potential clients searching for reviews daily.

– Post our available coupons on your website and send them to your subscriber base.

– Refer your friends and family.

– Many affiliates have a high conversion rate simply by placing a powered by banner on their website in a prominent location. This lets your website users know who you’re using for web hosting and gives them a feeling of trust for Eleven2.


– All referrals must past the 2 month (60 day) holding period to be counted as one (1) referral.

– This bonus scheme/competition is only valid through the month of August 2012.

– This bonus scheme/competition does not apply to our big partner affiliates, or any affiliates on a custom payout structure.

Happy referring! If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our affiliate director Scott Jones by email, at: scott.jones[at]eleven2.com. Thanks!