Still time to earn your $10,000 affiliate bonus!

August is now half complete and many affiliates are on their way to earning bonuses. Don’t worry there is still time to get your bonus. Start referring your friends, colleagues and family today with the Eleven2 Affiliate Program! Here are the details about our affiliate bonuses…

$10,000 Affiliate Bonus:

How does $10,000 sound? That could get you a nice car, perhaps pay some of your mortgage off, or even sit in a savings account earning you interest! Either way, it’s a nice sum of money to be given away ON TOP of your normal affiliate payout!

If you refer, 100 people to eleven2 in the month of August 2012, you can bag a $10,000 Bonus!

$250 Affiliate Bonus:

Not feeling like going for the 100 sales mark? Don’t worry! We also have something for our smaller affiliates. Refer 10 people to eleven2 in the month of August 2012 and receive a $250 bonus, on top of your normal affiliate payout!

Affiliate Payout Rates:

1-19 Monthly Sales = $75 per sale

20-50 Monthly Sales = $100 per sale

51+ Monthly Sales = $150 per sale

Example: refer 100 people and receive $15,000 (100 x $150) plus an additional $10,000 bonus!