Examples of iOS 7 App Design


At the WWDC on Monday 10th June, apple unveiled the latest version of iOS. Its a mobile OS from a whole different perspective, with added functionality, and an entirely overhauled design. Alot has changed design wise. The homescreen icons have been redesigned to be more “flat”, transparency is used across the app, and the general look and feel of iOS has changed.

Its a new chapter for iOS, but where does this leave app designers? Having a hunt through the dribbble design community, many designers are a little confused as to what direction to take their apps in. I’m sure we will see more iOS 7 apps emerge over the next coming weeks, but here are a few examples of iOS 7 app designs, for your inspiration. Enjoy!

iOS 7 App Designs:

ios7-app-design-1 ios7-app-design-2 ios7-app-design-3 ios7-app-design-4 ios7-app-design-5