Why the name change?

I know its been a few months since we changed the company name from SJR Hosting to SharkSpace, but we still get asked the question a few times a week. The answer is, it was a move to secure the future of the company. With the old name the company could only grow so large. People had trouble remembering if we were SJR Hosting, SRJ Hosting or JRS Hosting. We heard this time and time again from current clients, multiple that by thousands of visitors and think of all the lost sales we had because people forgot the company name. We just had to face it, SJR Hosting just is not a brand-able name.

After months a research and polls we purchased a gem of a name SharkSpace. Now who cannot remember that? Based on a survey we ran before the name change:

“A survey of 100 people asking if all things were the same which company would you sign up with SJRHosting or SharkSpace and 89% of the people chose SharkSpace based on the name alone.”

With results like that we had no choice, but to make the name change.

Since the name change our advertising campaigns have seen a 500% increase in click through ratio and our radio and television ads have been very successful, which is something we had never seen with the old name. Overall the name change process was difficult and very expensive, but in the long run it will be well worth it.

More details can be found here http://www.sharkspace.com/namechange.html