Where does SharkSpace stand on security?

One of the most important aspects of SharkSpace is our strong stance on server security. I will try to go in as much detail as possible about our unique system without giving away too much information that could come back and haunt us. (speaking of haunt, its Halloween! Happy Halloween everyone.)

To start I will go into the main aspects of the system. There is a firewall to block server ports, IP address etc. and to notify us of any unwanted activity on any of the servers. Next we have a brute force detection system that will block automated bots from trying millions of login passwords until they find one that fits your account. The system automatically logs all this activity and will block the bot from the server after X amount of password failures.

The next level of protection is an Apache screening system that filters out unwanted hacking commands. It is currently blocking all major known exploits and exploit commands. Finally you will find a locked down base server system that can only be accessed by secret key from our proxy tunnel. This is one of the reasons why we don’t allow shell access. If we did, the server would not have this important protection system. We have a few other engineer designed security features, but we cant reveal any information on them in an effort to make things even more difficult for an attacker.

Even with all our base protections, it still is important that you keep your website scripts up to date and to use hard to guess passwords. A good password uses both numbers and letters. An example of a good secure password would be tey282nmsis7. An example of a not so good password would be any dictionary word or well known phrase.