Reseller web hosting, what is it?

If you are new to hosting or just don’t know what reseller web hosting is, don’t worry you will now. Reseller hosting is simply buying in bulk and reselling for a profit. For example if you purchase 4 GB of storage space and 40 GB of bandwidth you could sell 40 accounts using 100 MB and 1 GB of bandwidth or in any other combination. Say if you charge $5 for the package having the resource allotment of 100 MB/ 1 GB you could bring in $200/month gross, while the reseller account would cost you less than $20/month. That comes out to be $180 profit a month. Not bad at all.

Ok, now that you understand the economics of reseller web hosting I will explain how it works system wise. The server owner manages the server and maintains upgrades/software/hardware etc. The server owner then sells off the web space to you the owner of the reseller account. The majority of servers have a control panel for you to manage all the accounts you create or resell. In SharkSpace’s case we use Cpanel with WHM (the reseller side of Cpanel) You can demo it here:

So basically reseller web hosting is like having a dedicated server without all the responsibility of keeping it up and maintaining upgrades. It is an easy way to manage large numbers of personal accounts or a great way to get you started as a web host for a very small investment.