Backing up your websites backups.

Nothing can be more devastating than losing your site overnight. This can happen due to being hacked, accidentally deleting some part of entire data from your hosting account or simply due to server crash. Incidents like this can wipe your entire business in a blink of an eye. That’s when your backups come in.

Nowadays most hosting companies offer, daily, weekly and monthly backups for free. Many also have special backup devise such as Reid, which are mirror disc similar to the main one. In spite of all this, it is highly recommended that the users take the backups of his websites everyday. Most of the modern control panels have inbuilt feature to take complete backup of their sites which includes files, mails, databases and all other account settings. Backups thus taken should be downloaded to your local computer for safekeeping, this will insure that you have the required files even if the servers hard disc had crashed.

The small times you devote everyday by taking backups could prove lifesaver to your business.