How to move your website with now downtime?

1) Make a backup at your old host. This can be done via FTP or cPanel. If you use cPanel simply login to your cPanel control panel then click backup —> Generate complete backup —> wait till it is finished then download it. After it is downloaded extract all the files with WINRAR. If you are using FTP download your complete public_html folder. Next you will need to open phpmyadmin (normally it can be found in cPanel under mysql databases) and download all your databases. Select the database from the drop down box on the left side bar then click export. Scroll to the bottom of the page and check “save file as” then click “Go”. Do this for all your databases.

2) Add your new name servers to your domain name. Still keep your old hosts name servers as 1 and 2. Add your new hosts name servers as 3 and 4.

3) Upload your backed up files to your public_html folder. Note: make sure the files appear the same in the public_html folder as they did in the old public_html folder. If you made a complete backup you will need to navigate through your extracted folders un till you reach the public_html folder then upload it.

4) Upload your databases if you have any. Open phpmyadmin and create the database, then select it from the drop down box on the left side and click SQL. Browse your hard drive un till you find the backup of the database and click “Go” (If you made a complete back the databases should be in a folder named mysql. This maybe different depending on the host.) Then add users to your databases if you had users on your database on your old host. Make sure the username and password is the same as the old host. This all can be done via cPanel —> MySQL Databases. Make sure to add the user to the database after you have created it.

5) Test your site to make sure it all works. Most host allow you to use the http:// IPAddress/~yourusername/ (your images wont show, that’s normal) If you get database errors make sure the usernames and database names are the right ones in your configuration files for your scripts. They can be edited with notepad. This is a common error due to the username of your client account changing. Note: most databases are not database but yourusername_database.

6) Once your site works. Make the name servers 1 and 2 and delete the old hosts name servers. Then allow up to 24 hours un till you delete your old files.