Important search engine tips.

1) Try not to use:
– Frames.
– Dynamic URL’s.
– Flash.
– Image Maps for navigation.
– Javascript for navigation.
They can cause your site not to be listed or not allow search engines to list all your sites pages and full content.

2) Keywords
– Try to be as specific as possible. For example keyword: “shoes” is not very good. The keyword “red nike shoes” is a much better choice.
– Make sure all the keyword you use are listed in the text on your web site somewhere.
– Do not use invisible text or pack image tags. These methods will surely get you banned from search engines.

3) What to put between the Head tags.
– Your title, it is recommended to have your title between 50-80 characters. The title may be the most important of the Head tags. Make sure to make it relevant. Perhaps use your most important keyword phrases.
– Each page should have its own title and keywords. This maybe hard to do if you use a content management system instead of plain html.

4) Hyperlinking
– Make sure you don’t have any dead links. Search engines do not like those at all.
– Make sure to use some of your keyword phrases when linking.
– Don’t link to bad web sites. ex. Gambling, IRC etc. That can kill your sites ranking.

5) Errors.
– Make sure to check your web site for errors. There are many web sites on the web that will check your site for free. The better your site performs the better it will do in the rankings.
– Make sure your site is compatible with all the major browsers. Make sure it is compatible with FireFox.

6) Shared IP or Dedicated IP Address?
– Search engines like to see your site being the only one on an IP address. I have noticed that most of the top listed sites on the major search engines all use dedicated IP addresses.

7) Wait.
– It takes time to get a good ranking in search engines. Sometimes it can take up to a year. It is believed that google uses web site age to help in their ranking formula.
– Continue to update your site and add content rich pages and your site will have a better chance with the search engines