How to understand your website traffic?

Ok, you have launched your online business and also spent money on ads and publicity. Now the question arises as to how effective your marketing has been and whether your site is reaching the right audience. This is where your website statistics tools come in. Nowadays various Web statistics tools can provide you with flood of information. It is up to you to analyze and use them to your advantage. Some common terms associated with Web statistics are:

Hits: Hits refer to the number of times that a page, image, or file on your site is viewed or downloaded by someone.

Visits: It gives you’re the number of each new incoming visitor to the web page who was not on your website during the last 60 to 90 minutes

Uniques: It refers to number of client hosts that come to visit the site and visit at least one page.

Most control panels like cPanel come with inbuilt tools like Awstats, Webalizer which provide you with easy to understand data. Apart from above give data, you can also get information as to from which country is your site most viewed from, the most popular page on your site, bandwidth consumption, and lots more.

If you want to keep your site up in popularity ranks then you definitely need to make use of these statistics about your Website traffic.