Web Hosting Billing Solutions

A timely and accurate billing solution can enable you to increase the speed, capacity and accuracy of your customer care and billing operations. It is very important to automate and streamline billing processes in order to achieve quick customer setup and payment settlements.

This can be done by an integrated system that allows your consumers to send an order through an online payment system, which can process transactions. This system will then forwards the sale transaction information to an online payment gateway which will securely processes payments online and finally resolve the payments with your financial institution. This software can also generate the account information mail with all the details such as username, password, order number etc and automatically mail it the account owner.

The true functionality of good billing software lies in the various reports that you can generate, which will help you to analyze your business performance. Some of the popular billing softwares are ‘WHM –Autopilot’, ClientExec, Agileco, and AccountLab Plus.