Pre Sales Web Hosting Questions

Before committing to a particular host, you need to go through the process of presales enquiries. These are some of the queries you can put forth:

General Questions
1) Years in business
2) Number of servers
3) Sites on each server
4) Testimonials

Server and network questions:
1) Specs of server
2) Location of Data Center
3) Data transfer speed (file test)

Security Systems Questions
1) System to prevent hackers, DDOS attacks, spammers
2) Backup features
3) Firewalls used
4) Server monitoring tools

Plan/Package Issues
1) Plan features in detail
2) Additional software provided
3) Support for databases and languages for programming
4) Version of SQL, PHP etc
5) Other installed modules

Reseller Questions:
1) Anonymous nameserver
2) Dedicated ips
3) Features for resellers
4) Account transfer from old host

Billing Questions:
1) Money back guarantee
2) Cancellation procedure
3) Reasons for suspension if case of any violation