Website Usability and Web 2.0

Websites should be created keeping in mind that it should be useful and helpful for the users or the targeted audience. In other words, websites should be usable. That is where the term Website usability comes up. The crux of making a good website depends on certain features that will draw the users. It should necessarily be clear and should be very user-friendly. A simple navigation system is always an advantage. Suitable texts should be inserted with links so that no one feels lost and wonder the destination of the link. It is always advised to include a site map and a search box for the site.

The first page should highlight the main features of the site and content should be clearly visible; background colors are to be chosen carefully. Also the site should give feedback to any queries by the users which is also a plus point and makes the site look dedicated.

In this context, there is a term known as Web 2.0 which refers to the creative, informative and collaborative way of designing a website and has developed largely on the interactive feature of a site. This network platform allows users to use the site not only to look through the information but also discuss, debate and even be able to add data and own control over it. Web 2.0 characterizes content that is rich and dynamic amazes the users with its interactive experience. It is a much more consumer-oriented approach to develop a website.