The importance of tagging in SEO

Every other web master, publisher or even bloggers wish that their site, page or blog becomes popular with user base on the internet. Now, apart from the sites and blogs which deal with topics and issues of extremely specialized nature and caters to a very niche category of users, it is not possible for the site publishers to rely on the fact that the user will log in to their sites directly. Thus, here comes the importance of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. These are platforms (like google, msn or yahoo, etc.) which enable the users to search for information on the relevant topic on the basis of the keywords typed.

On a more detailed note, in order to make sure that a page or a site is placed at a preferred position such as the first two or three pages of the search results as displayed by the SEO, web masters generally use a technique called tagging. Tagging essentially, means assigning a particular word or phrase to a site or a page, containing associated information. These tags function as the reference point while a SEO carries on the searching process. Hence, it can be easily understood that the SEO places a lot of weight to these tags while displaying and arranging the search results. However, due to over and manipulative use of this method by some, the search engines presently also adopt methods other than tagging in carrying out the search.