What is Google Adsense?

Advertisers on the internet are asked to register with Google AdWords. The AdWords then research the ads and make them ready to be published on the sites. Google Adsense is a program run by Google. It serves those ads to websites. This program is available for enrollment where website users can sign up and enroll for the ads. Website owners get banner, texts and video ads through this program. Website owners earn money on a per-click basis.

Though Adsense website owners get ads suitable and relevant to the website and the ads are precise and therefore don’t look bulky. Javascript is used by Adsense to integrate advertisements. Website owners have the freedom to choose the ads to be displayed on the website after Google displays ads suitable by indexing and searching through its database on AdWords.

Google Adsense is an important revenue developer for small sites that lack resources. Though the content has to be rich for even small sites to get hold a good amount of advertisements and therefore the revenue.

Google acquired Applied Semantics in 2003. Wordnet was the original technology that was developed and its variation came to be used by Oingo, a small search engine founded in 1998. It later changed its name to Applied Semantics. Google Adsense is a popular program that helps many website developers.