What a week!

Wow, is all I can say. I have never been part of a more satisfying and fun week with the launch (finally) of our brand new affiliate program.

We are very thrilled about this program and already have lots of customers who have quite large balances now with being just 5 days into our program. Many customers are already running ads on facebook, google sending out e-mail blast to their contact list, posting specials on their blogs or forums, it is such a great way for anyone to earn some extra, or even allot of cash!

New Phone System
Also, we also just got our brand new phone system setup. We have been using a in-house asterisk server for the past 4 years, but were consistently running into problems and would find out quite often our phone system was not working. So we are very pleased to have switched to a hosted solution. I even have a phone at my house now…not sure how to take that yet as I answered a phone call about 5 minuets ago here (1:24AM while writing this), but were very pleased to be able to assist the customer that was calling.

Billing/Support System Upgrades Coming!
We also are in the final stages of some of the preparation for our new sign up form that we are working on right now as well as our new billing/support system upgrade which should be taking place over the course of the few weeks.

cPanel Design!
We are also making very good progress on our cPanel skin that we announced in beta a few months ago, we are working very closely with the beta testers and our developer is making huge progress on this and we hope to have the final product our here shortly.

We have allot on our plates over the next few weeks, I am about to personally head up to Chicago for the 4th annual HostingCon to meet with some of our various vendors and will be looking out for some great new products I can bring home for all of our Eleven2 customers and add to our arsenal of ad-dons and features we can provide for you!