Hello Recession

We understand allot of people in America and even the World are facing a great deal of economic crisis right now. I know many personally that have lost their jobs or have been foreclosed on and it is very sad to see what men really high up in suits will do for greed. Just yesterday I went into a Washington Mutual Bank to close our old Eleven2 account, the teller asked why I was wanting to close my account my response was very simple: “You guys went under, why do you think?”. I truly felt sorry for the guys at that branch, as I know any day they will be let go as they merge with Chase. That is what bugs me here, the people that are working hard on the ground level really had no control of this and still will have no control of when their boss says there job is over. I truly believe in order to maintain a market ran economy we cannot give into these stimulus plans and bail everyone out.

Luckily, for the hosting business, without knocking on wood or speaking too soon, we have been very luckily and have continued on a constant growth including our largest month ever in February and even our largest day ever, which was yesterday. We want to give 3 ways to help yourself through the economy (and I am not trying to sound corporate here or promote our sales, these 3 things really can help).

Outsource Hosting
Most companies are moving to  outsourced hosting, this saves allot of cap-ex for companies that may have the money right now to pay a monthly recurring cost, but cannot drop 10’s of thousands of dollars on new servers, licensing and such. We are seeing a huge spike in sales on all 3 of our businesses, www.eleven2.com, www.360dart.com and www.180servers.com. We are driven to give our customers the best prices, which is what we feel is driving our crazy growth right now in all 3 businesses. We are about to launch 2 additional brands here shortly, that we are faced with doing based on the demand from our customers. We are selling of exchange exchange hosting through our 360Dart brand, as it saves larger companies allot of licensing and server expenses. We are seeing allot growth in our 180servers business solely based on the the fact that customers who are doing allot of processing or virtualization need there own dedicated server at a great price, which we deliver.

Get a Job
In the past year we have quadrupled the number of employees we have
here at Eleven2 and are still hiring, yes we are not crazy.

We are hiring for the following positions:

  • Technical Support Representative
  • Level III Linux Administrator
  • Dedicated Server Sales Representative
  • Outside Exchange Sales Representative
  • Outside BCP/Colocation Sales Representative

One of our local competitors was stating in a blog post recently how they cannot find employees in this economy, we actually do not see that as accurate if you pay them a honest wage and treat your employees correctly, which we do. We have a great benefit package, we pay well and give out free iPhones, Macbooks and fireworks.

If you are looking for a job, please e-mail me directly and I would love to schedule a person interview with you – [email protected]

Extra Income – promoting Eleven2

Allot of people may not know about our affiliate program, it is very simple, we will pay you up to $125 per customer you send us. We will pay you $35 right off the bat for sending us 1 customers, then the more you send us the more you get, which you can see on our tiers on our affiliate page. If you know anyone that needs website, this is a great opportunity to make money and send your customers to a great hosting company.

If you have any questions on our affiliate program, you can contact our Affiliate Manger, Brett at [email protected]

Again, we understand allot of people are struggling through this time of need in our economy and we just wanted to lay out a few ways we can help, if you have any suggestions or anything, please contact me anytime [email protected] and be sure to checkout our newly updated Eleven2 Foundation where we try to give back to our community the best way we can.

Rodney Giles – CEO & Owner
Eleven2 Hosting