E2 Blog Contest


Update: We are going to hold the contest open until April 21, so you still have some time to get your entries in!

Hey Everybody,
We really hope to keep this blog updated as frequently as possible, but we need your help too! Today we are launching a blog post contest for a $75 prize!

Here’s your mission:

– Submit a Blog post with 150-300 words about anything you want. It just has to be appropriate (think PG-13) and interesting to our readers. Blog about your favorite gadget or most helpful software tips. Blog about your favorite musician. Write a gag post, or a rant. Then take your post and submit it to me, [email protected]. If you want to, you can use a post you’ve already written, as long as you allow eleven2 rights to the material.
-I’ll be collecting submissions for a minimum of 2 weeks, but if i don’t get at least 6 submissions then I’m going to hold the contest open for an additional week, after that week ends, so will the window for submissions.
-After I have collected all of the submission we’ll review them for content and post our 4 favorite on the eleven2 blog.
-Blog readers will then pick their favorite post, and vote on it.
-The post with the most votes after 2 weeks will be the winner of a $75 gift cart to the physical or online store of their choice.
(Eleven2 Inc. reserves the right to change these contest rules at any time.)