No overselling policy on reseller hosting (optional overselling allowed)


SharkSpace does not allow overselling on reseller packages. Overselling refers to the ability to sell more bandwidth and disk space than you have purchased.

If you require overselling your reseller package will then have account limits. The account limits per package are:
Arctic: 25 Accounts
Indian: 40 Accounts
Atlantic: 60 Accounts
Pacific: 100 Accounts

Why will overselling not work on reseller packages?

Time and time again we see hosts fail and close down because they offer overselling allowed reseller packages. There is no way to limit the server usage when overselling is allowed. Areseller could host 500 sites on 5 GB of storage space and it would consume all of the servers CPU. It is impossible for a web host to stay alive with only placing one account per server. Trust us, we use to allow overselling and we had several resellers try to put 500+ sites on a $10 package. People will always use what is available, that is why there needs to be limits. It is a key principle of economics.

How do some other hosts allow overselling?

Simple, overselling works in the short run, but in the long run it always fails. Here is an example, the host puts 70 resellers on a server and each reseller has 10 accounts to start. Overselling is enabled so there is no limit and the amount of sites on the server continues to grow until the server finally quits. Overselling always equals overloaded servers.

No overselling = reliability.

A web host that does not allow overselling will be much more reliable than a host that does offer overselling if all other
factors are the same. SharkSpace has the ability to correctly predict the amount of sites a server can handle and then assign the opporiate number of resellers. If overselling was allowed, it would be a shot in the dark. The amount of sites per server would need to double if not triple and the server load would be no where as low as it is now.

Last words on overselling.

If overselling did work, why would any host ever get a dedicated server? We could place thousands of accounts on one reseller package if overselling did work, but it doesn’t. Overselling may look like a good option, but if you are looking to succeed you will need great uptime and a overselling allowed host just cannot guarantee you that. If you want to verify this for yourself do a search on google with the term “hosting overselling” and you will see what we are talking about.

SharkSpace guarantees reliability and thus does not allow overselling with reasonable account limits.