New Staff, New Support System

We are cranking away on something cool right now, that we hope to have released in the next week or so, but we have also done quite a bit in the last few weeks that we thought we would go ahead and share now before we forget.

We hired 5 more tech support agents in the last 30 days as well as our new CTO. Please welcome Kevin, Isaac, Taylor, Andy and Justin. These new support agents are going to improve the response times of our current technical support and ensure our documentation is always up2date. We are really excited about these recent additions. We also welcome to our team Brandon Burns, our newly appointed CTO (Chief Technology Officer). Brandon is responsible for making sure all of our infrastructure is working just the way it is suppose to and ensuring we are staying ahead of the latest new technologies. He is also a resident programmer and server disposal technician.

We are also updating our support system in a 2 phase upgrade, which we are almost completed with phase 1 tonight. This is not as huge to the customer as it is for us on the staff side of things. This upgrade will give our staff the ability to communicate faster internally as well as with our customer. We are very excited to have this rolled out and looking forward to making some great improvements on the client side of things shortly.

Also, we have a great deal running right now on our Managed Dedicated Servers starting at only $179.99 per month – these normally are $219.99 per month, but we have a special price running right now through the end of August. Just email [email protected] if you are interested in getting one of these setup TODAY!