The Best jQuery Vertical News Ticker

Designing the new eleven2 website has taught me alot about jQuery, from which used to be a scary new age code that all the “cool web designers” knew. With the new eleven2 design, we have implemented alot of jQuery, and one absolutly amazing plugin I would like to share with you is the most simple jQuery news ticker, but yet it has so much functionality.

The plugin goes by the name of vTicker and is developed by a website called JugBit. (the above image is from seesaw, and is an example of what you can style this slider to look like! It really is that easy!)

Where do we use the plugin?

We actually use this on our homepage for the testimonials section, and I have set it so that it rotates customer testimonials every 5 seconds, with a fade effect on the top and bottom.

Where can I get this plugin?

The website that develops this really cool and lightweight jQuery plugin is JugBit. If you want, you can also with the vTicker demo page here. Its such a simple plugin that allows you to style the ticker fully via CSS, and also lets you control things such as speed, animation effects, directions etc.

So go ahed and use this in your website, web app, anything really! It’s lightweight, does the job, and takes like 2 minutes to install the implement with 2 lines of code!