End of the Internet – Anyday now?

According to various sources, we only have 2-3 days left of IPv4 addresses left on the internet. What does mean? Does this mean the internet is over? No!

Here at Eleven2, we have a good 18 months of IP addresses available to maintain our growth and are very pleased with. More importantly people think that as soon as IPv4 addresses are up, they have to migrate their sites to IPv6. That is incorrect, IPv4 will continue to run for quite some time. We are rolling out IPv6 networks right now, however you really will not have to worry about this, other than your provider is okay and will be okay for ever in the terms of IPv4 to IPv6 migration.

This is costing us allot of time, money and other resources all thanks to Vint Cert! However, if it wasn’t for Vint I would not be typing this blog post anyhow!

Just wanted to update everyone as we have been getting allot of questions about this recently. As always, if you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to contact me anything at [email protected]