A Closer Look At The Eleven2 iPhone App

We have advertised the fact that we have an iPhone app for our customers to download FREE off the iTunes app store, and it enables them to manage their hosting on the go! So I have taken a few minutes to explain what you can actually do with our hosting app, and how it can benefit each and every one of you!

So what can you do with our app?

Basically, the app enables you to do most things you would be able to do in cPanel to your website, but in a slim, easy to use mobile version. When you first login to the app it comes up with a small stats info section that tells you how much disk space you have left and bandwidth too.

From there you can scroll down and there are many options. You can look through all your website files using the file viewer, submit a support ticket, manage your email accounts, add / manage your subdomains, databases, FTP account information & viewing permissions. Last but not least you can edit your account password too.

* * * * *

iPhone App Screenshots

Here are a selection of some screenshots I took using my iPod touch earlier. As you can see, we have made the user interface really really easy for you to use.

* * * * *

So What’s Next?

We would always love to hear how we can improve our services, this includes the iPhone app too! If you have any feature suggestions, or find anything that you think can be that step better, please feel free to let us know!

As for whats next, as the company keeps growing, we would love to introduce an Android app, and maybe BlackBerry OS App for all our customers to use, and maybe a mobile interface too!