Eleven2 Launches Sister Company – 3G Hosting

We at eleven2 have been working on another sister company for the last few months. Today we are releasing our brand new sister web hosting company, iHost3g. Here is the official press release…

SPRING, Texas (April 1, 2011) – iHost3G (www.ihost3g.com) announced today the immediate availability of its revolutionary new hosting platform utilizing 3G mobile telephone technology. This exciting new paradigm for web hosting employs 3G or 3rd generation mobile telecommunications standards that convert ordinary cell phones and simple mobile telecommunication devices into a powerful, scalable web hosting and content delivery solution.

After many months of testing and development, iHost3G has positioned itself as the first-to-market player in this brand new technology. It is predicted by most top industry analysts that 3G hosting will compete on par with current state-of-the-art hosting technologies such as Mainframe and Cloud computing as early as the first quarter of 2012.

Equally optimistic is Godney Riles, the Founder and CEO of iHost3G. When asked to demystify the technology so mere mortals could understand it, Mr. Riles explained, “The beautify is in the simplicity. The user requests a website, data gets sent to the nearest data uplink center, the satellite receives the transmission, and then data finally gets sent back to the client at blasting 3G speeds!”. Riles continued by saying, “There is absolutely, hands-down nothing like this that exists in the entire World today” and “with our market-edge and leadership in this area, it is unlikely anybody else will possess this technology for many years to come – probably never.”

Although being very hush about the actual interworking of its 3G hosting platform, Mr. Riles did make the assurance that, “he saw absolutely no compatibility issues with current Web 2.0 standards” and that the company was already making progress on 5G hosting by saying, “Hell, if 5G doesn’t exist now, we’ll just invent that too, just like we did the dang Internet.”

To commemorate the first World wide launch of 3G hosting, iHost3G is offering a limited time promotion which includes 500MB Flash Storage, Unmetered 3G Bandwidth, and 16GB Ram standard on its premium 3G content delivery network!

To sign up for this special promotion and receive 3 months absolutely free, please visit www.ihost3g.com.

About iHost3G

iHost3G is a cutting-edge technology firm headquarted in Spring, Texas that is dedicated to developing innovative and unique hosting solutions that better serve all of mankind.

Learn about us at www.ihost3g.com.

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