Science Behind Passwords & How to Create a Super Safe Password

Eleven2 Users! Hacking is more common than ever nowadays! Hackers can get into your websites, email accounts, wireless home routers and even bank accounts! Its Crazy! The amount of personal information people store online compared to how insecure their passwords are to access this data is just incredible!

I have actually had my WordPress site hacked before, and I can tell you, its not nice! Lucky for me it was just a small portfolio built on WordPress, and not a huge blog with hundreds of blog posts. So I have compiled this guide that will inform you on bad password practises, most common passwords people use and how to create a rock solid password.

The Most Common Passwords:

Here is a list of the top 20 commonly used passwords of all time! I personally thought “password” would be at number one rather than “123456”, but oh well.

How Long Are Your Passwords?

Now I can’t actually believe that the most common password length is 6 characters! That’s so lazy! Let us know how long your passwords are by dropping in a comment below.

How To Create a Rock Solid Password:

Follow these little points to create a rock solid password! Passwords with lots of complexity such as uppercase, numbers and jumbled characters makes it much harder for hackers to guess.

Avoid Using the Following in Passwords:

  1. Dictionary Words in Any Language possible.
  2. Words spelt backwards, common misspellings and abbreviations.
  3. Sequence or repeated characters such as keyboard letters / numbers next to each other.
  4. Personal information such as your name, birthday, house number etc.

Thanks for reading! Many thanks go to ZoneAlarm for providing the info-graphics!