Supercharge Your Website, With CloudFlare! Free to all eleven2 Customers!

That’s right, we have a brand new feature to ALL customers here at eleven2! Introducing CloudFlare. This handy little tool takes 2 clicks to setup, and will literally supercharge your website! And the best thing is, it’s 100% FREE and won’t cost you a penny to use!

What Is CloudFlare?

CloudFlare brings faster performance to your site by caching you’re sites content around the world on it’s CDN. Meaning your sites content is on servers which are closer to users all round the world, resulting in much faster loading times. This also means that if your server goes offline, your site will still be available!

CloudFlare also uses any cast routing technology which optimises your visitors request routes, so they are as short as possible!

CloudFlare also brings enhanced security to your website, via its large community of sites being able to identify new threats. The more people that join CloudFlare, the smarter it gets.

Key Features…

Some of the best features about using CloudFlare are…

  • Your website gets cached worldwide, meaning faster loading times.
  • Your website has enhanced security due to CloudFlares large community.
  • Your site will still stay online, even if our servers go down!
  • Reputation based threat system keeps malicious threats at bay.
  • CloudFlare optimises your visitors connection routes to ensure they are as short as possible!
  • It’s completely FREE to all eleven2 customers!

What’s The Difference?

Here is a simple diagram to show you what’s the difference with and without Cloudflare.

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