Apple’s iPhone 5 Launch Date Rumoured Oct 4

Yesterday, invitations went out to the media inviting them to Apples iPhone event which they are hosting at their headquarters in San Francisco. Tim Cook is expected to be hosting the conference since he took over from Jobs on the 25th August 2011. The iphone 4 has become the best selling smartphone in the entire world since it’s release, and Apple hopes to attack Chinas huge mobile market with its next release of the iPhone.

Any Rumours?

Rumours have it that the iphone 5 will have a slightly larger screen, be more simpler than the iPhone 4 (no button perhaps), and to also have a new NFC chip to be used with various payment services such as Google Wallet.

Only time will tell. I just hope Apple rolls out iOS 5 on the day too. Hate notifications interrupting my Spotify Mobile listening on the go. What are your predictions?