Eleven2 September 2011 Newsletter

Eleven2 has made some exciting improvements and additions during the month of September 2011.

SharkSpace merges with Eleven2!

Eleven2 grew substantially with the merger of SharkSpace into Eleven2. Not only did we gain a new client base, but we also brought over all the amazing staff members from SharkSpace. Support times at Eleven2 will continue to improve and the quality of our hosting service will make huge advancements with the new staff additions. Full details of the merger are at http://www.eleven2.com/sharkspace/

Eleven2 hosting is now SuperCharged!

Eleven2 has supercharged your hosting. We added global CDN hosting, Anycast Routing Technology and an extremely advanced Security Layer! Full details at http://www.eleven2.com/supercharged/. You now will see extremely fast page loading times anywhere in the world and have much increased security on all our hosting products.

Eleven2 Adds Dedicated Servers

We added Dedicated Servers to our product line in September. Eleven2 dedicated servers are meant for traffic intensive applications or websites requiring customised server configurations. We provide either managed servers with cPanel or self-managed servers with optional cPanel.

A New Special!

Our summer special has ended and has been replaced with our fall promotion. Use the promo code: FALL2011 to receive 25% off any of our hosting products.

Check back next Month for our October 2011 newsletter.