Millions Awaiting Apple iOS 5 Update

Many of the top tech blogs were reporting they have heard froma  reliable source that iOS 5 would be released at 12 midnight on the day Apple said iOS 5 was coming (october 12th). Well, that time came and went and left many Apple fans puzzled. This time was obviously not accurate. So when is iOS Coming?

We think that iOS will be released around 10AM Pacific Time, so 6pm for people in the UK.

Before You Update

Remember to consider the following points before you begin downloading and updating to iOS 5…

  • You have the latest version of iTunes 10.5 (out today)
  • Check Apple your device is compatible with iOS 5
  • Update all your applications (many will be already compatible with iSO 5)
  • Backing up your iOS device before installing the update

Can’t Wait a Few More Hours?

If you are extremely inpatient, LifeHacker has a little guide that you can follow to upgrade to iOS 5 right now…